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Our people are ready to work for you on seasonal, ongoing or contract basis in various categories. We provide temporary and full-time workers for professional, skilled, and unskilled labour. Our resources are hand picked to fit your company’s environment.

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Looking to fill open positions? Unique Employment Solutions has a database of qualified candidates to assist you.
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We are a Canada based employment agency with 10 plus years of experience in the industry.
We have a large set of networks across Canada. We offer reliability and satisfaction in all our services. We will help you save your time and money by enabling you to handle your recruitment operations cost effectively. We will manage all your administration and stang requirements, so that you can run your operations smoothly.
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We have a large pool of candidates specializing in different skill set, who can readily adapt to the work environment based on the requirements. Whether you need temporary employee for a day or full-time employee for lengthy projects we have it all covered. We work 24/7 to ensure that your operations function smoothly, we provide replacements when you ask for them.

You can also hire the candidate after 3 months without any additional cos

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